What is a block?

Each of the elements you see on the home screen is called a block. These blocks are able to bring different parts of the site to the main page. Each block has color settings, spacing and special filters. Keep in mind that you can move the display position


This is a content block. This block enables you to display posts based on categories in different blocks such as news, scientific content, programs, etc. on the main page.

SVG Illustration

Opening Day

This block contains an image or video with a countdown timer to display the time left to start an event. This event can be the start time of the conference, the start time of the workshops or ... . You can create as many blocks from the main page as you w


Scientific Programs

The scientific programs block is able to display the list of scientific programs of the conference on the main page. The filters of this block also include the ability to display programs based on execution time dynamically.

Key Speakers

Speakers block to display all or part of the conference speakers

Accepted Posters

Block display of the latest electronic posters accepted at the conference

Registration in workshops

Block display of conference workshops on the main page


Block the display of one of the galleries on the home screen

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Comments about our conference

A block to display the talk of professors and elders on the home screen


Stats display blocks with two different designs

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Our Sponsors

This block can display all or part of the sponsors on the home screen.